An allegation of wrongdoing by your regulatory body can be earth shattering. Regulators can exercise far-reaching powers searching your home and office, seizing computers and phones, compelling you to hand over information and documents and freezing your personal and business assets. You could then also be interviewed under caution and prosecuted in a criminal court.  

We are ready to help at any stage of your case. We can advise you on whistle blowing defences and self-notification; prepare you for interviews; draft formal written responses; and represent you at tribunal appearances and in the criminal courts. We can call on experts including forensic data analysts, forensic accountants and experts in workplace accidents to challenge assumptions and produce detailed reports.  

We have experience of speaking directly to regulators to help you navigate your way through the case and defending people and companies during Financial Conduct Authority enquiries, Environmental Health and Health and Safety investigations and prosecutions, and in representing medical professionals and lawyers who face career ending sanctions.